Dealer programs & brands

Become a dealer of one of our brands. With Vision Water you opt for an environmentally friendly solution and a high-end design. All our dealers can enjoy our PWG marketing tools & services. We help you to grow your business!

With Vision Water you opt for an environmental friendly solution that protects all sanitary applications in your house & makes water treatment very user-friendly.

Vision Water is about offering you comfort in terms of treated water, better water and peace of mind. Whether you use city water, well water or looking to improve your residential water, Vision Water offers you a solution. Vision Water? For you. For them. 

Pallas is a brand of Pollet Water Group and brings together a complete range of standard water treatment systems and components. Pallas Products perfect the water quality by removing unwanted substances from the water. We developed water treatment products for the home market, hospitality, commercial buildings and industry. Pallas products are partly manufactured in house and partly developed with our dedicated partners in compliance with the industry’s standard and norms. Our warehouses in 14 different countries, allow us to keep a large stock of Pallas systems & components. With a complete range of water treatment solutions, we focus on the professional. The Pallas range offers you ‘off-the-shelf’ products that support and help to grow your business.