Our partners

‘Klar. Water Solutions’ offers you, the B2B professional in water treatment, customized solutions and a breadth range of components & products for residential water treatment. Whether it is our own brand or specific water treatment solutions that are individually designed and manufactured for our partners, we find answers for the most diverse wishes and requirements.

Trusted brands

A wide range of well-known brand manufacturers place their trust in ‘Pollet Water Group’ and thus in ‘Klar. Water Solutions’.
This applies to both standard and exclusive products.

Part of Pollet Water Group

Pollet Water Group is a worldwide water specialist, offering products, solutions and brands for the home market, hospitality, commercial buildings and industry. We treat the water in your home to protect the piping and your household devices and enhance your water experience. We improve the taste of the water you serve in your restaurant, café or bar. We help your business shift from traditional bottled water to POU drinking water systems and personalised bottles. We protect your professional kitchen equipment and make your crystal shine. We ensure your apartment, school, hospital or office benefits from perfectly treated water and protect your building against the harmful effects of hard water. We offer drinking water solutions for your residents or employees. We design and build water installations for your production plant. We treat water from alternative sources to reduce operating and energy costs and improve your production processes. We close the loop by designing and building your wastewater treatment installation.


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