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evolve series

Our technology for treating spring water

The topic of water treatment is extremely diverse and covers various aspects, particularly in the domestic sector. Common topics include the softening of water and additional treatment measures to make city water suitable for specific drinking water applications. In addition to municipal water, well water or spring water is often used in domestic and commercial…

World Water Day 2024

Water plays a crucial role in the stability and prosperity of our world. We face more droughts, water scarcity, quality degradation,… All in less than one lifetime. Let’s minimise our ecological footprint and maximise our social impact. Not hastily, but thoughtfully. Not just from one day to the next, but thanks to numerous initiatives. Because…

PFAS treatment

PFAS is a hot topic in the media. PFAS is the collective name for thousands of synthetic chemical compounds used in commercial & industrial settings for decades. These compounds are not or hardly degradable in nature and accumulate in the body. High concentrations can be harmful to health. No one is immune to exposure, and…