AFM Glass Media is now available from Klar Wate Solutions. AFM ng is suitable for pre-treatment before a Reverse Osmosis or an Ultra-filtration system. It’s also applicable for drinking water and wastewater treatment. Even cooling & heating towers applications will benefit from AFM ng. If you want a better alternative than your existing sand filter please call us to discuss the many possibilities with this media.

Your benefits at a glance

AFM ng is an inert, amorphous aluminosilicate (glass) manufactured by up-cycling post- consumer green and brown glass bottles in dedicated, state- of-the-art factories designed and operated specifically for the production of activated glass water filtration media. AFM ng
has a lot of extra positive influences:

  • AFM ng doesn’t have any start-up procedure. When starting an AFM ng filter up the media doesn’t need to be backwashed, it is 100% pre-cleaned.
  • AFM ng has low operating costs. Low regeneration time (< 10 min; save water) and no need for chemicals.
  • AFM ng is certified to filter up to 1 micron with a service flow of 20m/h.
  • AFM ng has a small backwash flow (30m/h), which allows for the use of a smaller pump.
  • AFM ng is hydrophobic.
  • AFM ng is 100% bio-resistant filter media.
  • AFM ng has the most sustainable filtration; No channelling and clumping occurs.
  • AFM ng can deliver an SDI < 3.
  • AFM ng adsorbs all organic substances (oils, fats, etc.) including Hydrocarbon and Micro – Plastics.
  • AFM ng is resistant to oxidising agents, for any chemical, high TDS and salinity. Also works on high and low temperatures and is pH resistant.
  • AFM ng prevents the transmission of pathogens (E.g., Crypto)
AFM bag

Complete standard & made-to-measure solutions

Provide us with your water analyse and all other necessary information and we will calculate the complete AFM ng solution, from media to tank, for your project.

afm with drop