PFAS is a hot topic in the media. PFAS is the collective name for thousands of synthetic chemical compounds used in commercial & industrial settings for decades. These compounds are not or hardly degradable in nature and accumulate in the body. High concentrations can be harmful to health. No one is immune to exposure, and action is needed. Make Water Count is not an empty promise. With Pollet Water Group/ Klar Water Solutions, we take up the challenge! We provide you with an overview of PFAS treatment initiatives, projects and products.

PFAS treatment label


The presence of PFAS in residential drinking water has become a growing concern for communities around the world. Decrease the PFAS concentration in water with our Pallas Plus PFAS filter cartridges to an absolute minimum. The better option? Choose for Pallas RO systems which guarantee the removal of PFAS from your drinking water.


Our PWG R&D team subjected the Pallas residential RO systems to a very high concentration of PFAS. To have the results assessed objectively, the tests were carried out together with an external laboratory. This showed that the PFAS removal of our own Pallas residential RO systems scored extremely well. Our Pallas reverse osmosis systems, which we manufacture ourselves, are perfectly capable of treating PFAS to below the detection limit.

We have selected examples of our reverse osmosis systems for you below, which represent our PWG PFAS treatment range for residential buildings:

Pallas Enjoy Slim Digital
Digital RO
Digital RO


Pallas Plus PFAS cartridges are high-end single point-of-use filter cartridges. These PFAS cartridges treat perfluorocarbons PFCs, bad odours and off-tastes in drinking water. You can use them for drinking water with maximum 500 ng/l PFAS concentration. The filters contain the perfect combination the effectively treat PFAS contaminent from your drinking water: perfluorocarbons PFCs selective resin and carbon block 0.5 µm final stage filtration enriched with a silver ions as a bacteriostatic feature.